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What is Rive…?

R ive is an animation tool for interactive animations which can be used with any platform using Flutter. It is a simple, yet powerful animation tool that lets you create interactive animations with logic and interactivity. You can use it to animate your app’s launch screen or your app’s navigation drawer. You can use it to animate the user onboarding process or to show off your latest product on the home page. Rive also lets you create beautifully designed, high-quality animations for any platform, be it iOS, Android, or Web.

Rive Info

Features Of Rive

  • Rive is a powerful tool for interactive animations which can be used with any platform using flutter.
  • It has a collaborative Artboard on which you can create or design amazing artwork which you can later animate with ease.
  • State Machines, which are a visual way to connect animations together and define the logic that drives the transitions.
  • Same Animations for all platforms.

  • Why We Use Rive ?

    With Rive’s collaborative artboard we can create amazing artworks or can import ready-made artworks from different software like illustrator, photoshop. The artboard is very easy to understand and handle even if you don’t have any design experience. Rive can help us to bring our imagination to life. Animating the created or imported artwork is very easy and quick in rive. It does not require any code. Simply add some keyframes and there you have the animation you need. Rive comes with a great feature called state Machine and we love it. It helps our designers and developers to create a new level of collaboration and allows them to build interactive motion graphics with the logic that drives the transitions which are ready to implement anywhere whether it’s an app, website, or even a game. Rive brings unique advantages to our design workflow and helps us to improve our runtime performance.

    Rive App

    Rive takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter and WebAssembly to create native desktop and web apps. Both add improved design and animation features, making it easier for designers to create interactive motion graphics.

    Tom Black


    Tom Black

    He is attended the State University of New York at Oswego where he majored in English Literature and Creative Writing.

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